Fallout Propulsion

To Mars and Beyond

Going to Mars

The idea of colonizing another planet has been around since the dawn of science fiction. In this time we have made significant scientific and technological advancements that bring us closer to this goal.

Nuclear thermal propulsion systems or NTP systems are rockets that would allow us to go to Mars faster and more affordably. It currently takes around 6 to 8 months on a normal rocket to go from Earth to Mars. The rocket the holds the payload also wouldn’t be able return to Earth causing it to end up as trash on the surface of Mars. 

NTP powered rockets while also landing on mars could act as a viable energy generator in the short term while astronauts set up a more permanent energy system such a solar panels. 

When making these rocket we plan on using a larger rocket with a control rods that allow for more fission. This is our current plan because by using a larger rocket and producing more energy we can get to Mars faster. If we used a smaller reactor and less fission