Fallout Propulsion

To Mars and Beyond

Our vision

We have dedicated ourselves to building a world that allows people to quickly get to Mars and eventually serve as a launching pad for deep space mining. 

The nuclear thermal propulsion system or NTP system is Fallout Propulsion’s proposed propulsion system capable of efficient and cost-effective travel to deep space. 

Our vision came from two ideas that started independently around the start of the space race between the USSR and the United States. Both ideas are now starting to become more well researched and becoming more popular ideas.

Our power source, molten salt reactor, was researched by the United States, the U.K. and the USSR in order to make a nuclear powered bomber plane. It was eventually buried because the project never showed more promise than other nuclear reactors. Molten salt reactors also couldn’t produce materials needed for nuclear bombs making them even less likely to be used during this time. Molten salt reactors are now picking up steam in research after delays in fusion energy. 

Our nuclear thermal propulsion system were first proposed in 1945, but never really took hold until the 1950s. They were researched until the late 1970s before NASA decided to continue their research into this field with out the nuclear power aspect. The end of the Apollo missions and its result in NASA  downsizing saw this project be pushed away for nearly 50 years. NASA is now contracting different companies to build a nuclear thermal propulsion system.